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Movable Walls

General Description

Movable Wall or Operable Wall consisting of 2-1/2", 3-1/2" or 4" thick individually movable panels, suspended from an aluminum top track only, each panel is constructed with top and bottom operable pressure seals and concave/convex interlocking profiles with additional pvc seals. Each panel is suspended on one 4-wheel polymer covered ball bearing trolley or two multi-directional polymer trolleys. Vertical edges are protected by means of an overlapping aluminum trim.

Space, sound and sight - the factors that distinguish a venue or meeting room and lift it out of the ordinary. Saturn Systems can manage these factors with keen understanding of the limitations that come with each installation.

In a business that requires broad design vision and precise technical expertise … Saturn Systems excels at both.

More space = more profit.

When operating rentable space, every idle square foot is profit off your bottom line. Operable walls let you create more usable, more profit-generating space within your existing facility.

This is not to say you will cram a room. When ample space is part of a room’s design, it is not idle. With movable walls, a room that is oversized or underused can be divided into multi-purpose rooms for everyday use – without giving up the flexibility of a big room.

Movable walls are available in a wide range of acoustic treatment. Whatever your sound specifications -- maximum absorption for meeting rooms, acoustic fidelity for performance halls -- our walls make it happen.

Our planners will work with you to suggest a number of alternatives to fit your resources and your deadlines.

Expertise for your peace of mind.

We know that every installation is unique, demanding individual attention to design, product and service. Count on our team to develop the ideal wall system for your needs.

We Make Your Walls Work for YOU!